France, Lyon, escort Feminismile

France, Lyon, escort Feminismile France, Lyon, escort Feminismile France, Lyon, escort Feminismile

Heey dear ones, :) welcome to my profile! I hope you are well and you feel like having an adventure, and/ or a sensual lover who breathes life, formal, or casuall amusement, just someone to talk with, or just rush the lust. Im someone who is friendly, tolerant, understanding, warmhearted, natural, love to make compliments and be someone who you would trust, even as a stranger, because I wouldnt ever hurt anybody seriously. Basically Im someone who can be very versatile and a collector of life-enriching situations of natural joy, we can lose our standards together with respect and tolerance, because when we are together, they dont matter. Therefore Im very experimental and uninhibited to test out a lot and dont judge myself for failures. After life you die and just not to learn because you feel embarrassed will make you feel unauthentic and is not the beauty you deserve. So Im opened for any suggestions, roleplays, harmonious days at the spa, for joys sake I give a big yes to travelling offers! I also like to play the toyboy, boyfriend for you, but also Im down for just coming over and fuck you hard and rough. Anyways, Im someone with whom you can enjoy romantic evenings at dinner and then have a walk along the river (I have a great two-person umbrella). I have done sports all my life, including swimming, Kung-Fu, football, athletics, skating and radiant freshness and a pleasant-numbing harmony. I also have a bit of a rebel about me because I've always doubted society's behavior. You do not have to write anything more. I have always been a human being who sparkles,  Seeks highlights and likes to share them, is vital and cheerful. I am a natural man, understanding and am a kindhearted person. I like to have S*x with stranger women and to enjoy someone over S*x a very unique of communication. It is incredibly interesting. Either you learn to know someone about a conversation, but then you experience the feeling, the soul, his feeling only passively and from the outside, must put the feeling in his mind itself to a picture. But during S*x you are active and close to experiencing his expressions and that's what I like so much, the raw expression. Be yourself and you will have the most satisfaction! Lets have fun!

Location of a girl

Сountry France
City Lyon

List of intimate services

Anal sex
Cum in mouth
Sex in various poses

Contacts Girls

Phone +491781647455
Calls Call to phone
SMS Send a message

Schedule accessibility

Tuesday 24 hours
Friday 24 hours
Saturday 24 hours

Where the girl meets with men

Meeting on the territory of the girl Apartments
Meeting on the territory of a man Apartments
Meeting on the territory of a man Hotel
Meeting on the territory of a man Restaurant
Meeting on the territory of a man Vacation home

For whom her services are intended

For men
For women

Girl parameters

Sex Male
Orientation Hetero
Height 180 cm
Intimate haircut Neat haircut
Tattoo Yes
Piercing No
Cigarettes Sometimes
Alcohol Yes

List of languages ​​on which the girl can communicate

English language

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